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BellaJin began as a small dream of an ambitious korean lady Soon Bok Kim. The name ‘BellaJin’ come from her chosen English name ‘Bella’, and ‘Jin’, a korean letter representing ‘authentic’. The salon has evolved throughout the years, but her giving heart has been same throughout. If you’re looking for someone who truly cares, you’re looking for Bella.

Bella Jin

Hair Stylist / Owner
Bella started doing hair professionally in 1991.
In creating an identity for herself in this industry Bella resolved to become educated in many specialties including her main passion for wig service, she also dedicates herself to cutting, extensions, and perm.
Having over two decades of experience, she is proficient in hair perm, hair cutting and hair extensions, creating a strong following everywhere she goes.

She has a gift for connecting with her guests and collaborating with them to achieve their goals. She always does her best with gratitude to her customers.

Hair Stylist certificate

We offer a welcoming environment and supporting the well-being of our customers
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