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Since 2005

BellaJin began as a small dream of an ambitious korean lady Soon Bok Kim. The name ‘BellaJin’ come from her chosen English name ‘Bella’, and ‘Jin’, a korean letter representing ‘authentic’. The salon has evolved throughout the years, but her giving heart has been same throughout. If you’re looking for someone who truly cares, you’re looking for Bella.

Customer reviews

완전 동안이시구 긴머리가 멋지신 하루쌤! 오늘 볼륨매직한거 너무 맘에 들어요. 제가 했던 헤어스타일 중에 베스트 1,2위 하는거 같아요! 샴푸 해주실때 마사지 하신것도 완전 대박. 쌤 사랑합니다. ㅋㅋ 어디가심 앙대요.
Veronica Lee
Bella is the best. She's been doing my hair since 2011 when I was just new here in Canada. I can't compare her to anyone... I can give her 10 stars. Thank you for always making my hair pretty...
Corine Gapuzan Reyes
Bella has the best of a styling skill I have been coming back again and again since 10 years There is no one better to care for my unruly hair then Bella. She goes off her way to achieve best styling results I love that salon.
Dorothy Kabala
"Thank you for considering us to serve you! We aim to bring out your best self through balanced haircut. If you have a style preference, please feel free to bring photos!"
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